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Episode 21
(AIR DATE: Jan 29, 2021)
Welcome to part 2 of our hunting trip at Kunkuru Safaris. So far we've had a very successful trip and a pleasant stay while being spoiled and taken good care of by the staff at Kunkuru. What will Huntech Pro Staff Johan and Brendan get up to on this episode? We have Sable, Black Impala, Nyala, Blue Wildebeest, and Blesbuck on our list.
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Episode 20
(AIR DATE: Dec 11, 2020)
The #HunTechTeam was invited to Kunkuru Safaris, North West. Johan & Brendan was extremely excited about this trip because they were going to get opportunities on species they haven't hunted before. Brendan invited August with on this trip. Let's see what the guys get up to on this Episode of HunTech Pro.
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Episode 19
(AIR DATE: Nov 28, 2020)
We continue the episode at one of HunTech's annual bowhunting destination, Wildebeespan Bowhunting. So far we both managed to harvest two outstanding animals despite having bad weather and other challenges working against us. We're hopeful that we'll be successful once again before saying goodbye.
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Episode 18
(AIR DATE: Nov 08, 2020)
The HunTech Pro team was invited back to Wildebeespan Bow Hunting. This has become a yearly destination for us. We invited local music artist, Brendan Peyper to come share the experience with us. This will be a 2 part episode. Watch how Brendan Peyper gets his 1st bow kill with the NEW Hoyt Axius Ultra.
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Episode 17
(AIR DATE: Sep 09, 2020)
The #HunTech Team continues the Episode at El-Roi Safaris. In this Episode, we hunt with Douglas Watt who we met at HuntEx '19. And #HunTechProStaff Johan gets the chance to see if he will get that unique Gemsbuck Cow. We also help with culling 2 problem animals on the ranch.
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Episode 16
(AIR DATE: Apr 09, 2020)
The HunTech Team was invited to El-Roi Safaris. We invited a group of close friends and Sponsors. Seppie from Magnum Archery joined us once again and Andre Kruger from Biltong Supply Co brought along some delicious spoils for everyone.
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Episode 15
(AIR DATE: Feb 28, 2020)
The HunTech Team continues the hunt at Wildebeespan Bowhunting in Limpopo. So far the trip has been very successful for guests Seppie, Quinton, Andrea and Johan. What will this episode hold for our #HunTechProStaff ?
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Episode 14
(AIR DATE: Dec 12, 2019)
The #HunTechProStaff team was invited back to Wildebeespan Bow Hunting to help out with their yearly culling program. We were joined by Seppie Cilliers from Magnum Archery, Quinton De Kock, Jannie Nell from Westvaal Motor Group Westvaal Nelspruit, Dedicated Bowhunter Johan De Jager and our competition winner Andrea Potgieter from Pink Impala.
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Episode 13
(AIR DATE: Aug 22, 2019)
Bowhunting SCI Gold Sables and Plains game with No Scent at Full Score Hunting Safaris. Episode 13 we filmed at Full Score Hunting Safaris which is situated near Messina in Limpopo. We were joined by Mike Austin from No Scent and together with his wife Suzanne Austin and Pieter Keeve from No Scent SA. The team MJ Ras , Andre van Wyk and Ralda Van Wyk made this a hunt to remember. Stephan Muller prepared AMAZING food for us. Mike harvested a Magnificent Sable bull which scored under the Top 5 on
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Episode 12
(AIR DATE: May 31, 2019)
The HunTech team was invited to hunt with Sekgweng Hunting Safaris. We had an awesome time with the team of Sekgweng. Jannie Nell from Westvaal Nelspruit joined us on this Episode. Gerhard Greeff from SSG Cases also joined us on the episode.
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Episode 11
(AIR DATE: Mar 22, 2019)
The #HunTechProTeam continues this episode with the energetic team from Boschnel Safaris. We end our trip at their Free State concession where after we travel to their Mpumalanga concession where we hunt our 1st Dangerous Game species for HunTech Game & Outdoor.
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Episode 10
(AIR DATE: Jan 18, 2019)
The #HunTechPro Team was invited to hunt with BoschNel Safaris . This was one of the Episodes we've been looking forward to all year. Jannie Nell from Westvaal Motor Group joined us on this Episode. Brendan Nel , Hannes Nel and Sheldon Nel sure made us feel right at home.
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